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The #KOcovid Initiative was created by Results Boxing & Fitness to inspire and empower individuals around the world to fight for health and fitness during the 2020 Covid 19 Global Pandemic. Learn more.

Help protect Covid-19 first responders with your purchase of any #KOCOVID apparel! With one click, you can make a difference.

Are you a member, friend or fan of Results Boxing? Get exclusive #KOcovid branded attire below!

Where does the money go? 100% of our profits will go immediately to buy safety gear & sanitizing supplies for emergency workers.

What does "profit" mean? For every item purchased, we pay for the item, for printing, and for shipping. We also pay for the cost of this campaign, like this website, ads, the hours our staff spends working on this, etc. These are all standard production costs. After costs come profit, and every single cent of our profit goes straight to crisis relief. 

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"In this unprecedented time, we must not forget how important our health is and why we must fight for it. Let our #KOcovid attire motivate and inspire you to stay fit, stay fierce, and stay healthy through the chaos that surrounds us. Never forget that you are a part of something great: the fight to knock out covid 19."

~CEO Jon Gallo

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